Curriculum Vitae (CV)

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Curriculum Vitae

Gunawan Tanuwidjaja, currently is teaching in Petra Christian University, Architecture Department, in The Design Division teaching Inclusive Design and Urban Design Studio.

He is also involved with Service – Learning in design involving the people with disability since 2013, and in 2015 until now, it had been supported by UBCHEA The program of Improving Accessibility of All Users in Petra Christian University Library is on progress until July 2017. Meanwhile the Service Learning of Inclusive Design for Homes and Schools in Surabaya and Bandung, Participatory Design and Campaign was finished in July 2016. Some interview on the program released by UBCHEA were described in:

He was also involved with the marginalised persons such as: the Surabaya’s Riverside Villages (Kampung) Residents’ Association (Paguyuban Warga Strenkali Surabaya/ PWSS) in Surabaya. He had conducted a participatory community video production training, participatory design of integrated toilet facility and socialization of healthy and functional toilet design in the areas. He is also assisting the PWSS in the creative social branding in the city-wide level. (

He had worked as an Urban Planner in JURONG International in 2006-2008 and was involved in ‘green’ and conventional urban planning and urban design projects in Qatar, Indonesia, China, India and Vietnam. The Jurong International is currently merged under the Surbana – Jurong Pvt Ltd (

In 2009, He set up Green Impact Indonesia Studio providing planning – environmental management and policy consultancy services to Government and Private sectors. Some clients served were the Directorate General of Spatial Planning of Indonesia, Research Institute of Water Resources Indonesia, Seribu Island Planning Agency in Jakarta Province, Summarecon Real Estate Developer, Local Community of Jakarta, Kediri, etc. (

He was also the recipient of Shell Best Dissertation Award in 2006-2007 of MSc. Environmental Management, Real Estate Department, National University of Singapore (



I. Personal Information

Full name : Gunawan Tanuwidjaja ST. MSc.
e-mail :
Website :

Office Phone : +62 31 8439040, 8394830-31
Mobile Phone : +62 812 212 208 42
Place of Birth : Bandung
Date of Birth : 08 of August 1978
Sex : Male
Nationality : Indonesian
Status : Married
Mother Language : Indonesian
Language Skill : Indonesian, English


II. Education Backgrounds

Formal Education

Name of Institution City/Coun-try Study Time (Months/Years) Graduated from (Month and Year) Specialis-ation GPA
National University of Singapore Singapore 1 year October 2006 MSc Environ-ment Manage-ment 4.16 from scale of 5
Bandung Institute of Technology (Institut Teknologi Bandung) Bandung / Indonesia 5 years July of 2001 Bachelor of Architecture 2.73 from scale of 4


Informal Education

Study Time (Years) Name of Institution Course Name & Specialization
2008 Singapore Institute of Planner Spatial Planning for a Sustainable Singapore (1-day seminar)
2008 Lee Kuan Yew School Of Public Policy “Lessons Not to Learn from American Cities” by Prof Alan Altshuler (Half-day seminar)
2007 National University of Singapore, Faculty of Engineering, PAC (Professional Activities Centre) Short Course On   “A – Z Of Oil & Gas To Petrochemicals (3-days seminar)
2007 Singapore Institute of Planner Destination Resorts, The Next Wave(1-day seminar)
2007 Singapore Institute of Planner, Malaysia Institute of Planner and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Seminar of Planning of Iskandar Development Region (1-day seminar)


III. Working Experience

Name of Institute/Compa-nies City/ Countries Position Job Description Contract Periods
Petra Christian University Surabaya Lecturer Team Leader of UNDK (University Network for Digital Local Knowledge) in Petra Christian University May 2013 to now
Petra Christian University, Department of Architecture Surabaya Lecturer Lecturer for Inclusive Design Course, Integrated Wayfinding Design, Healthcare Facility Design August 2010 to now
Green Impact Indonesia Integrated Urban, Drainage and Environmental Planning Consultant Bandung Manager Team Leader and Urban Planner March 2003 to now
Agency for  Research and Development, Institute of  Water Resources, Ministry of Public Works, Republic of Indonesia, Bandung Expert Urban Planning and Management Expert October 2008 to April 2009
HOK Singapore Singapore Urban Designer Residential and Airport Urban Design October – Nov 2008
Jurong Consultants Pte Ltd., Planning Division Singapore Planner Industrial Area Master Plan, Urban Master Plan, and Broad Land Use Plan November 2006 to October 2008
National Parks Board, Republic of Singapore Singapore Intern Green Network Planning Research July 2006 to Aug 2006
Agency for  Research and Development, Institute of  Water Resources, Ministry of Public Works, Republic of Indonesia, Bandung/ Indonesia Junior Researcher GIS Expert Assistant (Arc View 3.2), in Polder Team Jan 2005 – Aug 2005
Satyamitra Jasapuri Engineering Bandung/ Indonesia Junior Architect, Estimator House, Factory and Café Design Aug 2003  – Dec 2004
PT. Trinitas Buana Utama Bandung/ Indonesia Junior Architect Apartment Design Aug 2002 – Aug 2003
PT. Imesco Dito Jakarta/ Indonesia Junior Architect Exclusive Residential Design Jan 2002 – Aug 2002
COMBINE Bandung/ Indonesia Junior Researcher Research on Urban Development Problem Aug 2001 – Jan 2002
CV. Cipta Bina Sarana Bandung/ Indonesia Work Trainee Hotel Design May – July 2001
ASPEK Bandung/ Indonesia Program Facilitator Community Recovery Program (CRP-HUI) in RW 11, Cibangkong  District Garbage Management , Mechanism Making and Controlling of Cooperative Credit Unit Jan 2000 – Aug 2001

Full CV to be downloaded here

  1. Desember 2, 2011 pukul 7:04 pm

    wow….CV yg luar biasa…..teruskan!

    • Desember 5, 2011 pukul 6:55 am

      Wah nggak Bu, masih belajar kok sama Ibu2 dan Bapak2 di UKP. Termasuk Bu Rully itu mentor yang baik! Semangat ya Bu GBU Always!

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